We're Gail & Christy

Your love is a better story

let us tell it!

Movie romance has got nothing on your love because what you have is real. Our goal is to photograph your journey together, as a couple, with intention and care. We want you to be so lost in each other that you forget we are there. Your investment and trust in us lets us invest fully in you. 


Hiya! I’m Gail, lead photographer of PeaceMade Photography. I’m a sucker for sarcastic jokes, obsessed with Kenyan Chai, daily dose of naps (don't judge, science proves it’s good for you), board games, kind gestures, tv shows (love me some Home Renovation shows, Schitt’s Creek, the list goes on), and desserts. If I could live off sugar I would. Fun fact: Christy’s sister was my first friend when I moved to the U.S. 20+ years ago. Christy then ended up taking my engagement photos. Seeing her talent in photographing emotion in people who are just going about their day I knew we had to make this a thing we do. Not to mention we are also each other’s movie buddy so there’s that.
Ok that’s enough about me… we are here about you.





Hello world, my name is Christy Peace. I love board games (Settlers of Catan and Codenames), anime (One-Punch Man, especially), bike rides, and learning new songs on my guitar. I got into photography ever since my mom handed 12-year-old me the family digital camera. Taking photos was my form of capturing fond memories. Instead of buying presents for friends, I'd offer to take photos at their parties for free. It was a fun escape for me and an unforgettable gift for them. From taking photos of my niece's first moments in the hospital to the birthday celebration for a 90 year old grandmother and everything in between, I've captured them all! I hope we can bring you the joy of photography that I've been so fond of my whole life.




We Get It

As wedding photographers in Chicago we are among a myriad of photographers to choose from. Leaving you with what we call FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. Where you question if the photographer you chose is still the best one out there to fit your energy or style. Let me tell you, the best photographer in Chicago is the one who listens and understands your needs enough to carry out your vision and allows you to be true to yourselves.

I {Gail} have been where you are in my search for an engagement photographer and eventually a wedding photographer. I can imagine how it feels to trust a stranger and invite them into your personal life to capture sacred moments that you can’t get back. You want photographers who are attentive to your needs and won’t miss important moments. Believe us, with 4 eyes on deck it would be impossible for that to happen. Unless we are literally sleeping.

But wait, there's more.

We are here to connect with you and become your trusted photographers. You deserve more than just pretty pictures. You deserve the feeling behind that smile or that quick glance over the shoulder to your partner. So, we are here to listen to what you need. Life is already busy and chaotic. Our goal is to slow it down for you to enjoy every second of it. We want you to breathe and take in each other and feel like the only two in the room. The moment you have is a gift and how you interact with each other is unique to you and THAT story should be told!

Our job is to photograph your love in the most beautiful way that we can. Your job is NOT to be photogenic but to enjoy yourselves.


This is how we do it

our philosophy


Coming from a career that required effective communication we understand how misunderstandings can happen. We make sure to keep in constant contact so we are all on the same page. Nothing sucks more than unmet expectations. Before your session we always make sure to send a final email weeks before so if anything changed from the time you booked we already have it engrained in our brains. This doesn't stop until everything is delivered.


our philosophy

Let Go!

The key to natural and candid photos is to let go. Let go of your inhibitions and free your inner child. In our process we already know each other before we meet each other so there are no strangers here to make you feel self-conscious . In your session you are the only two people in the world. So, have fun together. If you like to carry each other and run around like horses then giddy up.


our philosophy


Our involvement with your wedding doesn’t start and stop with just arriving at the event, taking pictures, and leaving. We are dedicated to making sure that you enjoy your time into marriage, from your proposal to your wedding guests sending you off as newlyweds. Whether it is a 10pm email asking where a good place to take pictures is or asking our opinion on your timeline, shoot us that email.


from the blog

Tips & in-depth looks into our sessions 

If you like reading up on a session that we took after seeing a sample of the images you can find all of that here. We also have a tendency to share tips & tricks as well as cool locations we discovered on our sessions to help in planning.