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Whether you are planning a Full-day wedding or have planned an intimate Chicago wedding, there are different options to choose from that not only fit your budget but fit your vision. We can be flexible to your personal needs because you are not carbon copies, you have your individual likes. Contact us today to see if we are the right fit because you deserve the absolute best.

But wait, there's more.

You’ve gotten to the elephant in the room. You've planned everything down to the color of the napkins and the flavor of the cake filling. You deserve to not only document all your hard work in planning your wedding but also the start of your life together. We want to be there to capture it all! That is why we have created wedding packages that cover what you want. One size does not fit all so contact us for a free consultation in order to customize a plan just for you.


You've looked around and are still interested in getting to know more. Go ahead and shoot us a message via our contact form. After you fill out our form we'll get back to you same day or within 24 hours, if you don't hear from us, send help!

We'll schedule a time to chat so we can get to know you and get to the heart of what makes your relationship different from everyone else and what made you say YES!


Your wedding is as important to us as it is to you. We wholeheartedly believe that knowing your photographer and how they will fit into your plans before booking provides an extra added feeling of security and relief. After all, you should like your vendors. Contact us to start the process.


You are more than a transaction. While learning about you we'll get to know what you are dreaming up for your wedding. The plans that you have been writing down, the family and friends you'll meet again who mean so much to you, and the vendors you've carefully selected to bring it all together. The time and effort you put in this deserves to be captured.  


Heck yeah!!!! You can go ahead and cross " Look for a photographer" off your list now.

You've spoken to us and you like us. You really like us. We'll send you all you need to reserve your day and make it official. 

Be a Guide

Unless you have been planning your wedding since you were little, a lot of couples this is their first time planning. We are here to help.  Need a soundboard for your timeline or a little vent sesh? We are all ears. Need a recommendation for a vendor? Who do you need? We got you! 


The moment comes to capture you as you get ready with your closest friends. As you walk down the aisle knowing in just a few steps you will be saying I do to the next chapter of your lives. When you both walk in as THE NEWLYWEDS and down to the last song of the night., we will be there to capture all the moments that at the time will seem like a blur.


When all is said and done and you've recovered from such a perfect night it will be time for the pictures to be delivered. Your pictures should not live on your computer or a usb you can easily lose. Your wedding day deserves a tangible product you can hold. As your parents had their wedding album so will you. That is why all our collections include them because we know the value of history and a timeless keepsake. There's just something about albums that connects you to the past and the future at the same time.

The PeaceMade PROCESS





Engagement Session

Included in all the full-coverage collections. This is a perfect time to get to know each other, get all the jitters out of being in front of the camera, and become pros in time for your wedding photos.

Timeline & Vendor Assistance

We are here to help you. We can work through your timeline hour by hour so everything you want to do for your wedding has been accounted for. We can also recommend certain vendors we've come to  like.

Full Access to High-Res Gallery

You will get your images delivered in a personalized online gallery. Both high and low res images will be available for printing or simple social media posting.

Wedding Album

We believe that your photos deserve to live outside of your computer or phone. You need to hold your wedding photos in your hand. That is why each collection comes with an album.

Full Print Rights

You will have full rights to print & share your images as much as you want whenever you want. You are welcome to print with us but you can also print on your own. 


Free travel up to 30 miles from the Chicago Center.

Full DAY Photo Coverage

Whether you need 6 hours or 12+ hours we have collections that fit the amount of time you need to capture everything that matters to you both.


Our full-day coverage comes with 2 photographers to capture all angles of your wedding. You don't have to split time between you and your fiancé or you and your guests. 



If a picture is worth a thousand words what is it worth when it's moving? As much as we love photos there's nothing like seeing the movement that got to that moment.  Hearing the voices of people you love. We've simplified these collections to 2 Photo/Cinematography packages. 



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Photo + Video Coverage

This collection is for couples who are planning a full day affair and need full day photo coverage. This selection comes with 2 photographers in all collection levels and complimentary engagement sessions in all collections. 
*upgrades and albums available.



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Full Day Photo Coverage

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This collection is for couples who are planning a small and intimate celebration with less than 50 people and only need 2-5 hours of coverage. Whether it is a city hall wedding or small backyard affair let me be your Chicago small wedding photographer. This selection comes with 1 photographer.
*upgrades and albums available.



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Mini Wedding/Elopements

Whether you are proposing or just getting updated pictures of the two of you, this package is included in the full day coverage collections at no cost to you. Contact us to find out how. This selection comes with 1 photographer.
*upgrades and albums available.



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